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GET LIT - Creative Imaging

commitment to


The commitment to producing quality images is a signature of Curt's work.

Using every available resource to produce only the finest quality, Curt's images are reproduced using state of the art processes and only the finest artisan materials that highlight his attention to detail.  Each and every piece is personally reviewed and every piece is handcrafted from the finest materials with strong, reliable construction and endless beauty.

Real Estate Imaging

attention to


Every image is captured with an attention to detail, composition and emotion.

Curt and his team of expert photographic artists continually strive to produce the highest level of every detail possible by pouring themselves into every project.  The passion and enthusiasm is easily seen in all of The Artist's work and with multiple individuals reviewing work at each step of the process, nothing is left to chance with each item being produce with a purpose and a plan.

Event Imaging


Event imaging is not the act of capturing photos of those in attendance or of goods being marketed or of presenters in their moment. Event imaging is capturing the smallest details like the human interaction of that hug between long-lost colleagues or that knowing smile from a particularly thoughtful presentation.

Curt's experience and ability to always be there for that shot during these very moments have thrilled clients and earned praise at every event.


Landscape / Wall Art



Dealer Listing Photo Service


Animal Life

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