FAA CERTIFIED Aerial Operator

It’s now a fact - if one is not a Part 107-certified sUAS Operator, not only is it illegal but it’s also a huge risk both on a monetary as well as legal level. The FAA is cracking down on uncertified pilots and the fines are huge. There's also a liability issue as liability insurance is not available for those who attempt to fly uncertified. It’s not worth the risk - ask your photographer if they are drone certified!

For a commercial operator to become Part 107 certified, there is an entire process to go through and it takes a serious investment of time and effort. From the hours in classroom study to the training and actual testing process, a certification results in a high level of knowledge and SAFE sUAS pilots. Add to that vetting process the hours of practical training on simulator programs as well as actual flight-time and it quickly becomes evident that a certified pilot is a cut above the rest.

As one of a limited number of Part 107-certified sUAS pilots in the Sacramento area, my number one concern is quality and safety. One of the big mistakes many make is to assume that anyone can do it and it’s that very mindset that leads to unfortunate and very dangerous consequences. It’s not simply a matter of buying it and flying it! There's also the entire imaging process.  After all, thats what a client is ultimately interested in.  As a long-time professional photographer, I have years of experience in many areas of today's photography.  I've been published in multiple local news media outlets, I'm a regular contributor to the largest high school sports photography website in the country as well as to multiple photography forums and my work appears worldwide.  Let me take that real-world experience and create excellence for you!

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Nimbus Dam - Flood Prevention Project

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