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Welcome to my internet home and I hope you're enjoying your visit!

I create and capture a wide range of what we refer to as "Light-Painted" Automotive images.  The process of creating artwork in this amazing medium takes me all over the country where I work with clients to create spectacular pieces featuring their cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes and even architecture.    

When I'm not creating for clients, one of my favorite relaxation times is adding to my selection of Landscape imagery from around the United States.  Selections from  my work are available for purchase from the various pages on this site - feel free to browse through them all !

As a professional photographer, examples of my work have previously appeared in local and national news media sources, and I was also a regular contributor to the #1 national high school sports photo website as well as a variety of industry-specific websites. 

These days, I produce commissioned artwork for collectors and hobbyists.  Using a variety of lighting tools, I'm one of a small number of artists who produce artwork using this unique process of creating stunning images in total darkness .  My work can be seen at various shows around the country, hanging in the shops, garages and galleries of various collectors around the world and of course, right here on this website.

I also work with a growing number of corporate clients to capture images during Conventions, Conferences and other events. 

If you'd like to reach me to discuss images or to book a date, feel free via my phone (916-521-4548), my email (CurtLernerPhotography@gmail.com),  or via my Instagram (@curtlerner) or Facebook feed (www.facebook.com/clernerphotographer) online.

Again... thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you soon !

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