Event imaging is not merely the act of capturing photos of those in attendance or of goods being marketed or of presenters in their moment.  Event imaging is the art of maximizing that famous phrase about a picture and a thousand words.

Small details make all the difference when it comes to impactful event images.  Small details like the handouts that a vendor took the time to assemble.  Or the human interaction of that hug between long-lost colleagues... that knowing smile from a particularly thoughtful presentation, or even the group from the event booth that would reflect so well in the next trade magazine...These are precisely the moments you need captured and precisely the reason to choose an experienced and professional event photographer.  Choose a photographer who not only can capture the moment but can also interact with the crowd.  Choose a photographer who will have even the shyest of subjects wanting their picture taken!  Most of all, choose a photographer who you know you can depend on and who will deliver a quality product.

Let's talk about your next event!  Contact me through the "Contact" link at the top of the page or via phone at 916.521.4548 .

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