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The commitment to producing beautiful artwork is a signature of Curt's work. Using every available resource to produce only the finest quality, Curt's images are reproduced using state of the art processes and only the finest artisan materials that highlight his attention to detail. Each and every piece is personally reviewed and every piece is handcrafted from the finest materials with strong, reliable construction and endless beauty.

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Light Painting is a highly specialized and complex form of photography used to create stunning artwork thru a continually manipulation of light. Using a variety of equipment, Curt often captures hundreds of images during the course of a session and uses these images to create the final piece. Virtually anything three-dimensional can be light painted whether it's a small model or jewelry, musical instruments, vehicles, aircraft, weapons, or even architectural subjects. Once the artwork is complete, it's often printed on specially designed sheet-aluminum. The entire process produces a beautiful piece which will be appreciated for generations to come!

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Honor your favorites with our exclusive Fine Art collection. Each stunning print highlights the beauty and elegance of your classic  or the power and speed of modern performance. Expertly crafted using the best materials and printing techniques, our high-quality prints are true masterpieces that capture the unique character of your vehicle. Whether you're adding a pop of color, showcasing your passion for cars in your office, or creating a focal point in your living room, these Fine Art prints are the perfect way to personalize your space and showcase the very piece you're passionate about. Make a statement and turn your walls into a gallery of captivating artwork that celebrates the beauty of your favorite piece. With our exclusive collection of Fine Art prints, you can honor the legacy and add a touch of elegance to your space at the same time!

Ready to Go ?!

Would you like to commission your own artwork? Call or text 916.521.4548 and we'll schedule time to discuss the process. Curt travels virtually anywhere, so this initial consultation is easily handled by phone. Most clients have a specific location in mind already but if not, Curt can also work with you to help find a location, then determine the best time and composition. Most clients also want to be at the photo session and of course you're more than welcome! Chances are you'll even have an opportunity to participate in the process and this always lends to the appreciation and a feeling of involvement...  Costs for commissioned pieces vary based on the subject as well as the location and the complexity of things. Small pieces that can be done in studio are obviously much less involved than shooting an airplane out on a tarmac. Because each piece is unique, the time and expense will vary for each project.

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