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Who’s Business Is It?

You have to admit, and we all face it every day. That non-stop, never-ending, all-encompassing and nagging issue of how to better promote yourself and your business even when you’re not around to do the promoting. No one has to tell you - you ARE the face of your business and whether you care to admit it, appearance is everything when it comes to impression. How many times have you walked into an office, a business or even someone’s home and in less than 10 seconds you knew all you needed to based solely on that first impression? We’ve all heard the old adage and it continues to ring true - it’s a rare opportunity when one sees a second chance for a first impression.

Chances are, you like everyone else, have heard about Corporate headshots and we’ve all seen the biggest and brightest of the Corporate Officers taking great pride in their annual headshot update. This isn’t something to take lightly and chances are equally good that you already realize the importance of a high quality headshot for your professional pages as well as personal and social media pages. Life is a never ending opportunity to promote yourself professionally as well as personally on a daily basis and a professional and quality headshot instills confidence in your customers and clients as well as your business. So, a common question revolves around why one should have a professional headshot done when they have a perfectly good camera that can be used to take their own. Quite simply, the answer is that unless you are a professional photographer with quality lighting and you can catch yourself at that perfect angle with perfect lighting to compliment your face and you can catch that perfect expression that subtly exudes your personality, then your own photos will look home-made and worse, they’ll look cheap. The bottom line is tastefully produced, professional headshots are an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail while at the same time displaying a sense of confidence and just a hint of your inner personality. If you want to be treated as a professional, look the part. Plain and simple - making the small financial investment in quality headshots absolutely demonstrates that both your career as well as your image are important to you. Clients and business peers appreciate that. Best of all, using a high quality and pleasing image on your social media (both personal as well as professional) allows your peers and contacts to put a pleasing image with your name.

Headshots can be scheduled by contacting me via the Contact page options at the top of the home page.  Headshots are normally scheduled in your office or home and scheduling options are very flexible!

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